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Family Member Relocation Clearance Coordinator

Company Description.  ALPHA Services is a quality focused company providing workforce solutions to commercial companies and the U.S. government CONUS AND OCONUS since l993.

Education and Experience Requirements. Two years’ experience in a medically related clinic setting or administrative position.  Education  minimum:  Associate of Art (AA) degree in business administration, management or health care organization from an accredited college or university.

Mandatory knowledge and Skills:

·         Knowledge. Must have the knowledge in accreditation standards, privacy, and confidentiality requirements. Must have knowledge in Microsoft Office programs, Outlook, internet familiarity and other computer system necessary to effectively apply FMRCC functions.

·         Planning. Collaboration with the patient, family/caregiver, primary provider and other members of the health care team for developing an effective plan for care is expected.

·         Facilitation. Care coordination and communication among all involved parties is key to provision of care for individuals with special medical needs.

·         Advocacy. Support for the patient and family/caregivers to ensure proper education of the patient and family and appropriate, timely care coordination is received.

·         Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing to motivate, train, and work effectively with a diverse workforce.

Tasks required.

·         Participate in training and supervision from the Special Needs Coordinator (SNC) on Exceptional Family Member Program-Medical (EFMP-M) duties.

·         Carry out the administrative aspects of the EFMP-M, including but not limited to scheduling appointments, assisting in records review, establishing and maintaining logs and Special Needs (SN) files, and explaining forms or processes to families.

·         Use Q-base data system, AHLTA documentation and back-up e-file on the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) drive maintained at the MTF to document special needs family members and their sponsors assigned to the installation, to administratively manage cases, to process Federal Determination Inquiries (FDIs) IAW the processes outlined in Chapter 3 of this publication and to transfer cases to gaining facilities upon Permanent Change of Station (PCS).

·         Assist other installations or Department of Defense (DoD) agencies in the timely processing of relocation actions.

·         Coordinate with Military Personnel Facility (MPF), Command Support Section (CSS), and/or Air Force personnel Center (AFPC) on assignment-related administrative processes in support of special needs families, such as checking Assignment Limiting Code (ALC) “Q” rosters and MPF for collecting Air Force (AF) Forms 4380.

·         Notify sponsors and orders issuing agents of travel recommendations upon completion of FDI process.

·         Assist sponsors with appeal of “not recommended for travel” determinations.

·         Maintain files, logs and records that implement the FMRCC process and all EFMP-M functions IAW established policy and with the support of the SNC.

·         Assist the SNC in the tracking and reporting of DoD and AF-required data, such as numbers of family members with special needs located at the installation.

·          Assist the SNC and Medical Review Officer (MRO) in capturing workload data and process efficiency measurements for EFMP-M IAW AF and MTF guidelines using Medical Expense and Performance Reporting System (MEPRS) code “FAZN” for all EFMP-M associated workload.

·         Upon Sponsor in-processing:

·         If necessary, the FMRCC contacts the losing base to obtain an existing SN file.

·         The FMRCC ensures updated contact information is entered into Q-base.

·          Prior to the Family Member Relocation Clearance (FMRC) process initiation, the FMRCC:

·         Explains the process to the sponsor and to any adult family members.

·         Advises the sponsor that all family members enrolled in EFMP and those requesting government funded travel to Outside Continental United States (OCONUS) locations must attend the FMRC. Medical records and documentation from TRICARE networks providers and/or medical providers receiving private insurance reimbursement must be made available prior to the screening appointment.

·          Advises sponsor of the required attendance of family members, based on geographical location and type of assignment. Family members who are not currently living with the sponsor, but plan to accompany the sponsor to the new duty location can complete the family member screening at the nearest MTF.

·         Ensures sponsor have all of the correct forms as appropriate (see specific information in AFI 40-701, Chapter 3); advises sponsors that the FMRC screening appointment will not be held 5 without the completed forms, advises sponsors/family members on how to correctly prepare their part of the required forms.

·          Once all required paperwork has been completed and submitted to the EFMP-M office the following steps are conducted, the FMRCC:

·         Schedules the Family Member Clearance (FMC) screening appointment. All required family members will be scheduled for the appointment (see AFI 40-701, para 3.7 for para 3.7 for specific information.)

·         Ensures both the SNC and the MRO, or their alternates, have reviewed all required family members’ medical records, when indicated the DD Form 2792-1, and/or AF Form 1466, pharmacy dispenses, and documentation from TRICARE network providers and/or privately insured medical providers prior to the face-to-face FMRC appointment.

·         Additionally, the FMRCC will:

·         Track each clearance from initiation to completion, ensuring documentation of recommendations are maintained at both the losing and gaining installations. Use Q-base to process FDIs. Ensure the inbound FDI process is completed within 14-calendar days from submission of a completed package from the gaining installation. If a response is not possible within this timeframe, ensures the losing FRMC Coordinator is notified of the reasons for delay and intervenes as needed to expedite response. Advise the SNC of each FDI or clearance package that exceeds the allocated window of time requirement for response and documents extenuating circumstances.

·         At the losing installation, the FMRCC will:

·         Where the decision to recommend travel is made at the losing installation, the losing FMRCC will forward to the orders issuing agent all pages of the AF Form 1466. Page 5 of the AF Form 1466 will note all family members listed on page 3 as being locally cleared by the losing installation Chief of Medical Staff (SGH)

·         Notify sponsors and orders-issuing agents of travel recommendations upon the completion of the FDI process.

·         When travel has been recommended for all family members by the gaining review authority, the losing FMRCC will ensure sponsors or adult family members are aware of any travel considerations via letter provided by the gaining EFMP-M office.

·         When the gaining review authority has recommended against family member travel for one or more family members, the losing FMRCC will ensure sponsors receive the Air Force Medical Readiness Agency (AFMRA)-developed Medical Information Sheet appropriate to the gaining location. The losing FMRCC will not share Patient Health Information (PHI) of adult family members with sponsors, unless a written Release of Information has been obtained authorizing the release.

·         Assist sponsor with appeal of “not recommended for travel.” The appeal process must be initiated within 21 days of travel recommendation. Appeals will be processed based on new or omitted information that may result in a different travel recommendation. Process appeal packages in Q-base as appropriate.

·         The SNC and FMRCC will ensure all other task and responsibilities will not specifically addressed within this documents are followed. The primary regulation that directs the Air Force EFMP-M process is found within AFI 40-701.

·         FMRCC and/or SNC shall prepare all documentation to meet or exceed established standards of the MTF as outline in the Operating Instruction of the MTF to include but not limited to: timeliness, legibility, accuracy, content, and signature. Only MTF and Air Force approved abbreviations may be used to document care in the health care record.

·         FMRCC and/or SNC shall ensure complete patient identifying information is on all documentation that is to become part of a health care record.

·         Performance of Services during a Crisis Declared by the National Command Authority of Overseas Combatant Commander. The FMRCC is required to perform essential services in accordance with this PWS in emergency or limited force protection conditions such as natural disaster; however DODI 1100.22 does not apply to this contract for crisis situations where continuation of essential services by the Contractor is unfeasible.

Position status:  Full-time

Work hours are 7:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, excluding Federal Holidays.  Meal break is uncompensated.

No benefits or perks.

Place of Performance:  18th MDG, Kadena AB, Japan

Security Requirements: Must pass a background investigation to include completing a SF85P Worksheet and fingerprint card.  Must comply with laws and regulations of the United States and host country.

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