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Part-time Part time personal assistant at Chatan Services Company in Chatan
Freelance Get paid to eat! at Chatan Services Company in Chatan

Most recent job offers

Part-time College English Instructors at IAC in Okinawa City 27-02-2015
Part-time Cram School at Naha City Cram School in Naha City 19-02-2015
Full-time Carpet Cleaning Technician at Sparkle Clean, Anywhere 15-02-2015
Full-time Licensed Clinical Social Worker at 1st AMERICAN SYSTEMS AND SERVICES in Kadena 13-02-2015
Full-time Maternal Child Health / Community Health Nurse/ Family Advocacy Nurse at 1st AMERICAN SYSTEMS AND SERVICES in Kadena 13-02-2015
Part-time Waitress at restaurant in American Village at Bollywood Dreams in Chatan 13-02-2015
Part-time Part-Time English Instructor Wanted at Shane Corporate Sales Department, Anywhere 13-02-2015

Most applied to jobs

Full-time Independent Sales Representative Job in Okinawa, Korea, Japan and Guam at Exchange New Car Sales, Anywhere 186 applicants
Full-time IT Specialist at Programs Manager, Anywhere 127 applicants
Full-time Mechanic at US Logistics Inc in Kin 88 applicants
Full-time Full-time and Part-time English Teachers at Grant Osterman, Anywhere 65 applicants
Part-time Bartender, food service, room staff at Grant in Naha 51 applicants
Full-time Medical Administrative Clerk at Entourage Consulting in Kadena 50 applicants